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"Guo Tianyu is the hardest player I have seen in the 1999 age group."


"Regardless of training and competition, Chen Pu is definitely the one who works hardest."


In the 4th round of the Super League, Luneng vs. Evergrande, Guo Tianyu scored the winning goal; in the 9th round, Hebei Derby, Chen Pu contributed to the final.


The two representatives of Luneng Youth Group in 1997 and 1999 have scored their first goals in the Super League, and there are too many similarities between the two.


Since his debut, Guo Tianyu has given people the impression that his physical talents are too good. With a height of more than 1.9 meters, he is not only strong, but also very fast, so he is full of impact in the game.


Chen Pu comes from a sports family and his mother is a track and field athlete. Therefore, playing Xiao Chen Pu has different physical conditions. Just as Yongchang coach Guterbi mentioned Chen Pu first: "He is in great health. ,high speed."


With good physical conditions as the foundation, the road for the two of them to choose football can be said to be a godsend to eat, but this bowl of rice is not so delicious.


Although he made his professional debut at the age of 17, Guo Tianyu's chances of playing at Luneng are few in three years. In order to get more playing opportunities, Guo Tianyu joined Wuhan Zall on loan last year.


At the beginning of joining, Guo Tianyu still did not get many opportunities, he could only play in the reserve team. In Guo Tianyu's football career, he has experienced such similar scenes more than once.


At the age of 15, he went to Portugal to practice alone. In the Porto team, Guo Tianyu from a foreign country suffered from indifference and blindness at first. He can only impress the coach to get the chance to play and win teammates by scoring through continuous efforts in training. Acceptance.


In Wuhan Zall, his hard work has also paid off. He got the chance to play and also took the opportunity to prove himself. Li Tie does not hesitate to say anything about his love, and his words interpret the simplest truth and strive to change his destiny.


"When Guo Tianyu first came to the team, it took a long time to adapt. He worked very hard during this period of training. He is the hardest player I have seen in the 1999 age group, so he is slowly getting The starting opportunity, you can have more chances to play, you can see that he started in today's game, played the whole game, and performed very well."


And Chen Pu, who is two years older than Guo Tianyu, did not make his debut in the Super League until he was 22, and his playing time plus stoppage time was only 3 minutes. That was also Chen Pu's only appearance last season.


Although he is a U23 player, but Luneng is full of talents on the wing, Chen Pu also joined the newly promoted Hebei Shijiazhuang Yongchang on loan in order to get a chance to play.


In the warm-up match before the start of the season, Chen Pu played on behalf of Yongchang many times, but when the Super League started, Chen Pu still sat on the bench most of the time.


Sitting on the bench watching the ball is definitely the most tormenting for a professional player. But for Chen Pu, in his days in Brazil, he has become accustomed to this state, and he knows better what is needed to change this state.


Since 2015, Chen Pu went to Brazil to practice football, the kingdom of football. Although there are many teammates around him, only Chen Pu trains and competes with the adult first team. He also became the first Chinese player officially registered in the Sao Paulo State Football Association.


During the study abroad in Brazil, the coaching staff commented on Chen Pu: "This player's football talent may not be the best, but his fighting spirit and devotion to training and competition are absolutely impeccable."


In fact, starting from Chen Pu, every coach said that regardless of training and competition, Chen Pu is definitely the one who works hardest.


In Brazil, Chen Pu can't get the trust of his teammates 100%. He often runs to the open position and his teammates also ignore it. Even so, Chen Pu never gave up running, and would not give up every opportunity to stand in the air, even if he had not been noticed.


In the Wanzhou Four Nations Tournament, Chen Pu played for the Olympic team for the first time in front of his hometown elders after returning to China. An inaccurate pass was not an excellent chance to score. Chen Pu threw his whole body out and paid for it. The price of injury.


As the substitute came on to the lore, Chen Pu's playing opportunities in Shijiazhuang Yongchang also increased, from 3 minutes to 20 minutes to 45 minutes. Although the performance is not so perfect, Chen Pu gradually adapted to the rhythm of the Super League.


In the 11th round of the Super League, Chen Pu went into battle in the 30th minute. He did not live up to the coach's trust and scored again at the last minute.


Chen Pu and Guo Tianyu are lucky because their efforts have paid off. In fact, hard work is not a very difficult thing. The hard part is perseverance. The hard part is that even if the hard work has not been rewarded, it will persevere without regret.


In the winter training of Jia Lize last year, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, most of the players rested in the room, and there was still a Luneng youth training player on the huge court. Put on the obstacle bucket, dribble, and shoot. Because of the pursuit of angle, the ball will inevitably go wide. I trot to retrieve the ball and continue... Later, I learned that he is a substitute player for the team. The opportunity to get in the game is very limited.

去年加里兹(Jia Lize)的冬季训练中,在一个下雨的周日下午,大多数球员都在房间里休息,而巨大的球场上仍然有一名鲁能青年训练球员。放在障碍物桶上,运球并射击。由于追求角度,球不可避免地会变宽。我小跑取回球,然后继续……后来,我得知他是球队的替补球员。进入游戏的机会非常有限。

Back to the football school, whether on weekends or in the evening, you will often see this player on the pitch. Perhaps it is really lack of talent, he has not yet been able to occupy the main team of the team. He said: "I want to play professionally in the future, even if I really can't, I won't regret it if I work hard."


People who work hard will look forward to the results, but the results will not always conform to the wishes of the people. Regardless of God's favor or not, he has gained himself in the process.


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